Thread: Chicago Jam Productions Co-Founder Stepping Away

Lee - 1/9/2019 at 09:03 PM

If you are familiar with live Chicago music you probably know of Jam Productions. They run several clubs around Chicago including The Vic, The Riv, Lincoln Hall, Park West (where The dTb recorded their DVD), Lincoln Hall and a few others.

I didn't know who Arny Granat was until today but I guess he is done with the music business. I know a lot of people in the business here but never ran into him (that I know of anyway). I've seen so many of "our" bands at their venues over the years: Susan, Derek, Ron Holloway, Warren, Justin Townes Earle, Steve Earle, Los Lobos, moe., and many more. Anyway, I thought some might like to read about it. eaves-0109-story.html

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jparadise - 1/9/2019 at 09:38 PM

I played a lot of shows put on by Jam Productions and they were typically a pleasure to work with.....we had our guy Mike there who took care of us. Didn't know Arny but my guess is he just had enough. Ever since LiveNation became the partner/conglomerate that they had to work with, it just wasn't the same.

Semi-related, I saw that LiveNation's proposed enormous concert venue complex on the North-West Side of Chicago got shut down. That is GREAT for the music scene there! The smaller venues can still survive which is a beautiful thing and IMO what that city's scene needs more than anything right now.

Personally, I got kinda fed up with the scene in Chicago. I watched so many killer musicians make their nut every month playing in Dead tribute bands and it just got disheartening. I enjoy the Dead's catalogue as much as anyone but good Lord, does nobody create anymore? I moved to Nashville....

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