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Allman Brothers Archival CD Series Begins With a Bang

In 1993, the Grateful Dead began allowing fan and vault archivist Dick Latvala to choose specific concerts for release primarily through the band's Web site. The CDs, with sonic warts and all, span the group's entire touring career, and each became an instant hit with the legions of Deadheads. Nearly a decade later, and three years after Latvala's death in 1999, the series is still going strong, with the 24th CD issued in February.

This year the Allman Brothers Band, another venerated group that has made its reputation largely as a live outfit, has released the first of what should be many archival CDs on their own label, Allman Brothers Band Recording Co. The single disc, simply titled "American University, Washington, D.C. 12/13/70," features an hour of the original lineup blazing through staples, including "Statesboro Blues," "Trouble No More" and a scorching 20-minute version of "Whipping Post," just a few months before their legendary appearance at the Fillmore East.

According to drummer and original Brother Butch Trucks, the group will pick and release one show a year to be sold exclusively at shows and through the Hittin' the Note Web site (

What show from what era will be next?

"I think the first two or three will be from the original band with Duane and Berry," Trucks said.

"More than anything I want to get as much of Duane and Berry out there as possible. So much of our audience now is 15 to 25, and they never had a chance to hear them. All they know is three and a half records, and these are an opportunity for them to hear a lot more," he said.

Eventually all the various lineups will likely be represented by concerts not in regular circulation among traders, including the brief time between the death of guitarist/leader Duane Allman and the addition of Chuck Leavell.

That period was supposed to be a six-month break for band members while they grieved, but Trucks said playing was all they knew to do.

"After three or four weeks we were all going nuts," he said.

"I mean, you are a musician, an artist, and the way you express your emotions is by performing and creating. So we had to get back out on the road or we were going to do something we regretted.

"I haven't heard (the tapes) yet, but I have a feeling that it's going to range from everybody pouring out their grief to everyone scrambling to figure out where the hell they are, and I think that intense expression of emotion would be well worth releasing," Trucks said.

Once they finish the legal wrangling over the hundreds of studio outtakes and jams recorded at Capricorn Studios (The label's bankruptcy sent the ABB catalog and various other tapes to several record companies that have all been swallowed by behemoth BMG), Trucks said some of those unheard recordings will be also be released.

Even after 30-plus years, Trucks said hearing the original band firing on all cylinders still stirs his emotions.

"It runs the gamut, you know. I miss Duane, I miss Berry, and I always will," he said.

"It's a very profound part of my life, and it's still unbelievable to me that it was only two years. We crammed so much living, and so much creating, so much that happened in those two years - it still blows me away to think that only lasted for two years."

Added:  Monday, May 20, 2002
Reviewer:  Malcolm X Abram
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Posted by lxyjmfe on Jan 27, 2010 - 02:49 AM
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This year the Allman Brothers Band, another venerated group that has made its reputation largely as a live outfit good [url=]zhengxing[/url]

Posted by davenielsen on Nov 29, 2006 - 03:44 PM
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October 9th, 1971 - Saturday Night, Winterland, San Francisco, CA "Professionalism mixed with damn good music, The Allman Brothers Band", was said by Bill Graham. This was Duane's last concert in S.F. because he died 20 days later. It was the best concert by the band my lady companion told me and she saw them numerous times in S.D., L.A. and S.F. They did Statesboro Blues, Done Somebody Wrong, Don't Keep Me Wonderin', Elizabeth Reed, You Don't Love Me, Whipping Post. On the encore they did Mountain Jam along with members of the Elvin Bishop Band. When they came out after the original set Duane said that, "We had our heads up our asses. We started our tour in the southwest and people were walking out before we finished and here we are in S.F. and you've really enjoyed us. Next time we start a tour we're coming back here first!" They arrived just after the release of Eat A Peach. All honor and glory is due to this man and his band. YOU MUST RELEASE THIS CONCERT!

Posted by WarrenMcCae on May 21, 2006 - 01:02 PM
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I love the archive stuff it is a pleasure to have this in our collection.

Posted by skyponydogboy on May 10, 2005 - 01:35 PM
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Give me Duane and Berry or give me death.......all the ABB with the two "brothers" is food for the soul. Please, if there are more tapes, release it.....Everyone I have ever spoken to about the ABB music wants more Duane. I am at the top of the list!! spdb

Posted by Anonymous on Apr 01, 2005 - 08:25 AM
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Time, Butch mentions how much living went on in just two years. Evry day we live is a precious gift. Live life to the fullest everyday as it were your last. Two years created enough musical magic to last over 30 years. The triumph is Brother Duane & Berry will always be twenty some year old musicians, the tradgedy is we will always miss them The Road does go on forever

Posted by bobbysblues on Oct 23, 2003 - 12:06 PM
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The first time i ever heard of ABB was the 71 concert in D.C. We saw the second show and there was only like 120 fans.Anyway im all grown up and my 7 year old son knows 1\2 the words to the Filmore show.So we have a new ABB fan for life.The new CD is pretty much 1\2 new and 1\2 old ABB. Just the same it,s a great CD Keep on keepin on. bobby

Posted by ItMakesMeHigh on Oct 17, 2003 - 05:30 PM
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Please release 3/13/70 w/ the GREAT Mt. Jam! This is a killer original line-up show and has very funny banter, too!

Posted by lfr88 on Sep 08, 2003 - 12:02 PM
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I understand exactly what the brother meant who said,"I feel sad when I hear Duane playing....." It is a bittersweet memory, far too short...and now my own two grown son's are eager and hungry for more orginal Duane and Berry music....having heard and caught their greatness from an early age. Bring us more music anytime...they are all great!

Posted by HappilyMarriedMan on Jul 14, 2003 - 01:18 PM
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The first two releases have been great choices (12/13/70 & 9/19/71)! Thank you so much for releasing Duane & Berry-era ABB material, and here's to more great archival releases from the golden era, particularly any of these: 6/26/71 (first & foremost, if it was taped & has the jam?) 3/13/70 (this show is *amazing* and has funny banter, too!) 5/2/70 (well played & unique setlist!) 7/17/70 11/6/70 11/7/70 7/21/71 a & b!!! 8/15/71!!! 1/31/71 2/28/71 5/9/71 10/15/71! 10/6/71 10/7/71 10/8/71 and one latter-day era suggestion: 5/1/96 which many folks agree was the best of this period! Keep up the great work :-)! -Andy L.

Posted by Anonymous on Oct 22, 2002 - 02:04 PM
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Posted by tothepoint on Sep 26, 2002 - 10:18 PM
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I was at the show or rather both shows. I began following the ABB when the Second Coming played at my high school Harvest dance. I saw the ABB many times at the Jax Beach Colisium, as it was called then. I attended American University 1969-73. I knew exactly who the ABB were. I think you were supposed to buy tickets, but I seem to recall no one payed to get in. There were 2 shows. I attended both. When Duane later died, my whole dorm floor was grief stricken. When I hear the first 12 bars of Layla, the start of "Chain of Fools", the Weight, it just makes me sad. I even listen to "Kind of Blue" because the NYT said that Duane music was inspired by it. I guess Dreams comes closest to Kind of Blue. However, the best ABB live music I can ever recall was the first time I heard Mountain Jam at Jax Beach. When Duane and Dickey Betts were trading licks it was the greatest music I have ever heard. I would pay anything to hear that music again.

Posted by Anonymous on Jul 16, 2002 - 03:17 PM
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Just got done listening to the CD, and it blew me away. They were so far ahead of thei time. I had my son listen to theCD,AND HE WAS JUST AS EXCITED AS i WAS. nEVER SAW THE ORINGINAL BAND DUE TO i WAS IN THE SERVICE, BUT THIS IS JUST A BLAST FOR ME TO HAVE. kEEP THEM COMING, AND THANK YOU.

Posted by guitars1 on Jun 28, 2002 - 12:32 AM
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The reason for the short version of Stormy Monday is that the original tape ran out at the start of Duane's solo. This particular performance was special and warranted reeping it. The liner notes should tell about the interesting history of the tape.

Posted by Anonymous on Jun 03, 2002 - 10:51 AM
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I wish they would release two or three a year rather than just one!

Posted by rusinurbe on May 29, 2002 - 04:44 AM
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I was surprised and delighted to see this and snapped it up straight away. Despite living in the UK delivery was remarkably swift and the musical content second to none. The Bass maybe a bit low in the mix but that was the nature of the way the recording was made and kind of adds to the charm and history of it. I will be buying whatever comes next and maybe two releases a year would be better! Great band great music.

Posted by Anonymous on May 26, 2002 - 08:40 PM
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To say that I,m very happy with this release would be a vast understatement! There's just something about that date that I like; Oh yeah, it's my birthday! I can't think of a better birthday present, but I don't think I'll wait till then to get it! I'm looking forward to seeing my favorite band again this summer at Va. Beach!! See ya all there.....Peace, Stryker

Posted by rapidfire on May 25, 2002 - 06:29 PM
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The music is great, of course. Why does Stormy Monday stop in the middle of Duane's solo? Would the Bros. authorize this?

Posted by Anonymous on May 24, 2002 - 03:37 PM
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anyway to get a full set-list of this show ? my next show-6/29 @ deer creek w/phil & mule !!!!!!! can't wait to hear these upcoming releases !!! a huge thanks for giving us the magic of the allmans !

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