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1313pr 1313pr wrote on December 29, 2021 at 9:02 pm
to the point, Duane Allman has never been compared correctly to his peers , and more to the point , really been given his proper place in history, when his work is compared to any of his peers that had a full career even then not a single one could ever match him in 1971 or to this day. And correct me if i am wrong but according to all my reading he played guitar like maybe 12 years. So comparing him to even Derek Trucks is not fair . Derek is the man don't get me wrong, but Duane Allman for being such a young man was truly unique and is to me in the same league as the other players who changed or started a whole new way, Charlie Christian, Chuck Berry, Hendrix , Eddie Van Halen to name a few I have been a player for almost 50 years and to me Duane Allman is the Father of American Blues Rock and twin lead rock music from the southern states of America. All before he was 25. That man should be on the dollar bill. It's sad that kids do not know who he is.
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