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hotlantatim hotlantatim wrote on September 10, 2020 at 12:31 pm:
Thanks for keeping this site updated Rowland. The ABB owe you & Lana a debt of gratitude for some measure of their success after 1995. You helped the ABB become one of the first rock bands to embrace the internet (and build an invaluable email list of fans). The ABB always had community feel among their fans, but this site became a central organizing point for the "fABBily." I'm 100% positive the ABB played a lot more shows at the Beacon in their final 16-17 years directly because of your efforts at this site. On a personal note, I count a ton of people as very good friends from the good folks I connected with directly or indirectly from here. I'm connected with many today on Facebook and we've met up for years at Wanee & in Macon & ABB family shows in Atlanta...even after the Beacon tradition ended. This community has been very meaningful in my life over the last 23 years. Thanks again Rowland and Lana.
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