Dear fools,
Get with it. Some of y’all that have been upset with Skynard on the upcoming tour need to recognize. This will be a great time for music. These bands will be a great compliment to each other, and are long overdue for a tour together. Especially after having taken the pilgramige to Macon this past weekend, I realize that this will be a great week and a half for music. I am first and foremost a Brothers fan till I die, but I love Skynard as well. The Brothers are more talented than any band in history, but Skynard played and still plays with as much heart as anyone around. I hate to get into stereotypes, but all the “haters” who have been posting negative ideas towards Skynard seem to be from the North and don’t really seem to get what its all about. Maybe y’all will get off your high horse and just be ready to enjoy good music with the rest of us. Look forward to the first 2 weeks in October when the Southern bands come to town!!!

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