First set was a little slow getting started. Warren seemed distant. Derek was carrying the load for the most part. Mr Trucks is in my opinion in the top 5 blues guitarists alive. I give the # 1 slot to Joe B and # 2 to the Trout. Dereks slide work tonight was mesmerizing. Second set kicked A$$. All in all a solid show if nothing spectacular? Jaded? Maybe. Anyway from some of Butch’s comments this joint may be their new home. Amazing architecture but certainly run down. Interior woodwork facinating. You can almost hear Rev Ike preaching. The neiborhood has tons of Latin flavor which is a good thing. Not hard to get to, impossible to park on street and the Parking Lots are ripping you off. Parking is $ 5.00 without an event, $ 35.00 with. Jerks. And then they ask you for $ 10.00 to put your car in a downstairs spot. Crooks. Anyway, I had row CC for next week and they cancel…go figure.

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