Great little venue on the water, medium sized 3500-4500 crowd. Great 80′ temps to start the show then things cooled down by 10pm or so into the upper 60’s. Brothers took the stage around 7:40 and wrapped up just 9:40. Definite Panic crowd, younger and more determined to come out on a Wed night. Very solid set with extended Liz Reed and tasty Stormy Monday. Great change of pace with “No one left to run with” (a song that always deliver with some nice turn arounds for Derek and Warren in the middle, a song that goes un-touted by many fans). The lcd board, brought out for the Beacon shows, makes the show pop. Blues oriented with the brothers giving homage to the for fathers, the show had a great old school blues feel for the first 3/4 of the show. Strong stage prescence and definite “headliner” quality to show.

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