Great review – you captured it perfectly.

Last time I saw Trey was with the ABB. He came out center stage between Warren and Derek. It quicly became apparent he couldn’t keep up & deliver the goods. A few months later, Trey was busted.

What a joy to see him and Page McConnell back onstage. First Page came out and was introduced, but from the back of the orchestra I could not tell who had sat down next to Greg. Then I scan right and see Trey putting on his guitar. I knew who was present. I didn’t expect to hear Southbound because the brothers closed a show with it recently. It is a great song for passing off solos and picked the crowd up for some dancing, too.

(The new Beacon is tougher for dancing. The seats seem tighter, they are not piping the music into the halls & stairwells, and the ushers are serious about clear aisles.)

The second set I know You Rider opener was a surprise, and Warren did a great job orchestrating the line up. As his role with Dead attests, plus the Black Jerry tee, Warren knows this music. Oteil even dropped a few bombs near the end, but I like it best when the ABB plays ABB music.

So when they started up In Memory of ELizabeth Reed I was stoked. It is classic ABB psychedelic music – ebbing and flowing and cresting. During this song, the group onstage really gelled. Page played some great keyboards. He is a melodic player and reminds me of Hornsby, (who challenged Garcia to play from his core in later years.) Warren , Derek, and Trey each took solos, and Oteil got a little break from the endless 12 note scale pattern. During Trey’s solo, he was patient and built it up to something special that even Warren had to acknowledge. Page and Trey could learn a thing or two from the ABB, who have benn doing this for forty years. Phish could too – if Trey keeps his ***** together.

Then bam into Dreams > Jessica > Drums / Bass ( I love the way Derek stays out there with Oteill to back him up) back into Jessica. Then I “Woke Up this Morning had the STATESBORO BLUES” the whol crowd was singing.

What show! They rock. I’ll be back soon, ya’ll. Peace

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