Chastain Park, what a venue to see and hear two great nights of nothing but the Bros. From the opening chords of Don’t want you no more/ Not my cross to bear Friday to the ending crescendo of Whipping post on Saturday the few thousand people that packed this 70 year old plus picturesque amphitheater were treated to more than five hours of the best live ABB I have seen in quite awhile. Thirty three songs, thirty two different, only Dreams played both nights, both hard core fans and newbies were consumed in an experiance that will not be soon forgotten. The tempo was crisp, reminiscent of the mid “90’s, the jamming was inspiring, reminiscent of the mid ’70’s. All the Bros. were on their A game in the wind up concerts in front of the home fans.Buy the instant live CD’S you will not be disappointed. A couple of the many highlights; Friday nights version of Women accross the river had Warren and Derek throwing down riffs back and forth , both pushing the other to great hights seldom seen. The adendom on Saturdays Black Hearted Women was a fierce firery frenetic exchange of guitar riffs that was unbelievable for lack of a better word. Those that were there know what I mean. Nothing but the ABB, two closing nights in a row in front of the home town fans, in the greatest out door concert venue I have ever been to; life simply does not get any better than this. Looking forward to the 40th anniversary tour next year. As always, LONG LIVE THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND.

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