Good show. Kinda slow until a great Dreams with Warren on the extended solo, followed by a BHW/Other One Jam that was really energetic! Warren was really “on” , both with the Mule and the ABB.
However, the atmosphere & venue were probably the worst of any ABB show I’ve attended. It’s hard to enjoy the music with masses of noisy people pressed against you and with the fear of tripping on all the garbage thrown on the ground.
It was also the most annoying security, and I’m not one to commonly complain about such things. They made such a big deal about picture taking that Jerry Lee Lewis stopped his set twice because the audience was so distracted by the over-enthusiasm of security.
The newspaper said it was beacause of a fight; I was right there – no fight, only disposable cameras!
I’ll try to see the greatest band in the land again this summer, but not at a festival like this!

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