Language- what a concept; damn last nights show 3-24-07- im flaberghasted- all the money spent in this country on Prosac and therapy- and if it works for ya God bless! but a good dose of Allman power like what was achieved last night kin put you right my brothers and sisters- the healing serendipity of the end of mountain jam intoa rapturic Dazed and confused- blew away any demons that I had rattling in my head- man that moment was beyond mere words- freakin Norman Mailer would have to run to the theosauris to come up with the proper expletitives to give this show justice people I know Im a ramblin but my all night train ride back to brooklyn was actually tolerable after one of the greatest shows in my pesonal history- ” The Power and The Glory” and im not a religious cat at all- God bless the Allman Brothers and long may they Reign. Sal

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