opening night . show was ok bear stern was having the party . most of the people in the place really didn’t seem to care who the allman brothers were most of them were talking about there work while the band was playing. i had to tell atleast ten people to shut up while the music was playing . i had a feeling the band wasn’t to into this show all the song were played real fast it seemed like they just want to get out of there and get the show over ,get away from all the coroprate idiots that were there .the band seemed just to want to get to thrusday when the real fans were at the show . for example jessica was about 8 minutes , one way out was 6 minutes , leave my blues at home with the drum solo was only 20 minutes . hoochie coochie man 7 minutes . myself i wanted out also i just couldn’t take all the suits and there talking through out the music . they had no respect for the music . anyway can’t wait untill thrusday when the real fans get there …joebeacon

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