Another solid show! Gov’t Mule tore it up early and got the crowd started. When the Brothers came out…they came out roaring. It was classic Allmans only tonight. With the exception of the 3 songs Warren sang, none of the other tunes played were released after Eat a Peach. Gregg’s voice was the best I have heard it in a couple of years. Very smooth tonight. Derek stole the show though. he had a one sick solo after another. His solo after the 1st verse of Woman across the river was good but you have to hear what he did on dreams, liz reed and whippin post to see just how hot he was tonight. He just gets better and better each time I see him. It was great having Jr Mack play on One Way Out. He soloed after the 1st verse and got a nice pop from the crowd too after his solo. Great drum solo (can you call it that with 3 drummers?) during Liz Reed. I think Marc Quinones is an amazing percussionist and it was fun watching him and Butch go back and forth with each other during the solo. Preacher Blues was a nice treat as the 1st encore. it’s always good to hear something you don’t normally hear when you see a show. I don’t know what it is about this venue but the brothers always put on a great show here. look for this to be on West’s Best’s list again this year. get a copy of this one!

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