First time I have ever seen the bros confined to only two hours to play, but I guess this was the casino’s mandate to get people gambling instead of experiencing the best live band going today.

I have been a peach head and have attended many shows since 1994. In reading the reviews from the beacon run earlier this year it was evident that new heights are being reached with the band and the comparisons to the 69-71 era are at an all time high. Well I am a believer after Friday’s show.

The band is peaking and the intensity of the songs and the jamming and playing off of another (which is simply flawless) had me sitting there with a smile from cheek to cheek. All of the members of the band are really pushing each other and most importantly look like they are having a blast!

The crowd was dancing and were vocal for a small venue. Standing ovations came after Woman Across the River, Liz Reed as well as a few other songs.

Greg’s “well it just might happen to be your man” in One Way Out (encore) is the best I’ve ever heard his voice.

When the show was over, Greg said “see ya tomorow night”…I’m sure the brothers wanted to play another two hours and I can’t wait to see it tonight to see part 2 of An Evening with the Allman Brothers Band.

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