This show was amazing. The DTB was a solid opener and Derek was warm by the time the ABB came on. They started off right from the get go, but for me the real ignition to the show was #3 One Way Out. After that song Gregg says, “We’ve got a hot one here tonight!” and everyone knew we were in for a good night. Great covers as previously mentioned, especially the weight. The Sky is Crying was sweet because it was stormin and pourin all night long and the band huddled up and decided to play that song to match the moment, the crowd went nuts. I think the meat of the show was around Rocking Horse to Instrumental Illness. Personall I felt Warren Haynes was on fire all night just killin it with his solos. I have heard people say Trucks was the one on fire, as well as Warren. I guess that means they were both on fire! I’m going to have to listen back to my instant live and see if I still feel the same. Anyway, this show was really amazing, and I’m gracious to the band for comin out year after year and rockin! Thanks!

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