The show had some incredible moments. We had really great seats up close – saw some funny facial expressions. Namely Warren who was getting frustrated at the sound guy and also frustrated at Gregg who seemed a little out of sorts during a song or two. Derek’s opening act was great – lotta smiles – but during the ABB set he seemed a little tentative or something with his equipment. He would start his solo on several songs and it took him a few bars to get it going. Warren, however was like a madman – he was on fire and his vocals were better than ever. I’ve been on a little Derek kick the last few months and Warren really seemed like the MAN at this particular show (the opposite of last year). It made me wish they had more Warren songs biult in to this night’s set list.
Overall it was a good show – Unbelievable “SAME THING” and “LITTLE SCHOOL GIRL”. I do wish though that they would pull out more rare/obscure stuff like they do in NYC. It seems here in Cincy they like doing the standard sets. Gimme somethin I’ve never heard!!
Great show though

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