When Derek has lots of space to solo, he always starts out that way. I think he likes to hear (and let the audience hear) the rhythm section behind, then build on it.
I thought it was a teriffic show up until the drum solo. C’mon guys, it was 19 minutes. Are you kidding me? I don’t care if it’s Buddy Rich, Louie Bellson, etc., it gets to be a little much after about 5 minutes. So, then all we get for an encore is a standard One Way Out, and boom they’re gone before curfew is even close. Disappointing.
Don’t wanna finish these comments on a negative though. The first 1:50 or so was great stuff, especially Derek. Even Warren was a little less of his heavy-handed self and let it swing a little. Boy, he does like to fan though, doesn’t he. Any time he does more than about 32 bars of a solo, man he just has to grind it. Oh well. Would have liked to hear some new music, it’s about time isn’t it? Going to Cleveland Wednesday, hoping for Egypt, love that one.

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