Haven’t been to 100s of shows, but been to enough. This was the best of the bunch. A powerful vibe was in the house and the Brothers were awesomely powerful. I can’t come up with all the eloquence to accurately analyze the show, but here are a couple of highlights: Bruce Willis sittin’ in to blow harp on “The Sky is Crying” – da guy can DO IT! He can’t be called a master harpist, but he displayed deep passion, a strong ability to build his solos to a high level of intensity and excitement, and a modesty to fit in with backround fills sparingly. What a wonderful and fun addition to the show. Susan Tedesci added such an exhuberant presence and feel when she both sang and rendered a stingingly clean solo. Lastly, the spiritual connection to the past was adoringly tributed when a side camera pictured Warren and Derek jammin’ on the big screen during “No One to Run With” reminiscent of picture angles from the Fillmore East album. Next you know, Duane footage from the Fillmore in ’70 was spliced in with in the Duane left foreground, reminding us he lives on, that his spirit is channeled and will of course always be with us. At that moment I am sure I was not the only one who felt his real presence in such a connected way. To close, the encore of “Whipping Post” was New-Old-Stock (NOS if you know tube amps!), that made the past and the present melt together in a glorious celebration!

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