well this is a first for me. my wife and i have been going to shows since ’96 and we’ve seen about thirty five concerts. our best show was the first night at the oakdale in ’99. the brothers hit on all cylinders that night. dickey was incredible as was the rest of the band.
after the first set monday night we knew we were witnessing something special. LAFE to me is the greatest live album ever recorded in the history of mankind. that album changed the way i listened to music. when it was announced that it was the 35th anniversary i was so surprised and happy. i have always wished i could have been there and i wished i could have been the one to say, PLAY ALL NIGHT. well monday night i lived out my fantasy.
i don’t understand how they keep getting better,gregg’s voice on stormy monday was so spot on(as they say in ireland). they get older but they keep hitting the note as brother barry would say.
god bless the brothers and all the faithful. it is so good to see everyone there. we’ll be there on st paddy’s day which is our wedding anniversary. hey woodstock pam we would love to meet you.

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