As usual I am pleased, but yet I am also spoiled. I thought the show was great. Greg might have been a little tired. But over all the show was great. They must have played for 3.5 hours. I got to Parsippany NJ hotel at 2am after bus ride. Good morning little school girl still hums through the rattling brain. Did I mention Jessica welcomed us to the Beacon tonight??? She did. Couldn’t see Butch too much, rack of speakers in my way. Oteil JAMMED, Warren JAMMED, Derek Severely JAMMED, Greg was a little tired but had great vocals, Marc and Jaimoe just hit the note right. Trips me out when Oteil stands with back to crowd, on his rug, barefoot! I love it. Can’t wait till NEXT show. I’ll be there. Waiting for Derek to retuen from the Clapton tour. Can you say Derek and the Dominos?????????????

I got a killer Red Tshirt tonight!! Plus…I met several Arizona people tonight. I am not alone, even those from Tucson!!!


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