I was down in the 11th row. Awesome show!! I was watching them prepare the stage after Moe & saw Jack Pearson walk in from the back & thought “Oh crap, Warren must not be here.” After the first song I told my wife that maybe it’s not a bad thing he’s not here. If Jack’s only here for a week he’s not gonna take the time to learn all the stuff off Hittin The Note. Don’t get me wrong, I like the cd but I’m kind of tired of all the songs they’ve been playing from that the last few years. What a set list it was. Other than Jack goofing up a bit of Revival it was amazing. I thought it was one of the best times I’ve ever seen them myself. Granted I would like to see Dickey back though. I wonder if it’s because they played in Lansing within the last couple months that they didn’t get the crowd from over there to come over. I didn’t think ticket prices were that outrageous at all.

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