Long live the Oak Mountain Amphitheatre (Verizon Wireless is just that same old tired, ubiquitous name you see everywhere these days)! As soon as the locals (esp. local politicians) wise up and reclaim the rightful name, the quality of acts seeking out this fine open-air venue may improve once again. As it is, the ABB is about the only band worth seeing there any more (anybody for an overdose of Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, and Martina McBride – it’s enough to make you blow chunks!!). And it’s a real shame, too – if the Pelham folks would take a look at Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater in Atlanta, as one example, they might learn how a nice facility such as ours can be operated profitably, and with a broad range of quality acts that will attract music fans of ALL kinds. But then again, who all remembers the stigma cast upon this facility and community as a result of the Widespread Panic undercover drug frenzy that occurred at Oak Mountain in 2002?? What fine examples of tolerance and fairness we are here in Pelham, Alabama!! So glad to see the Brothers haven’t yet foresaken the Oak Mountain Amphitheatre for greener pastures…..

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