Maybe this problem is more prevelent out there on the left-coast, at the eleven shows I’ve seen here in the mid-west in the last 3 yrs. I was shocked at how little pot smokin’ visibley and noticably went on, certainley folks burn here too, but maybe a little more discreetley or privatley. Just My opinion, but I don’t think the answer is trying to hide our children from lifes evils, (yes I have 4) I think education and preparation works better, hopefully They’ll come home when They see things and hear language that They know You and hopefully They, do not approve of. My oldest son 13yrs attended the Cleveland show with Me last summer and believe Me pot smoke was not an issue, what was important was He saw there are places where KILLER MUSIC,FRIENDSHIP and GOOD VIBES are the order of the day. sorry for spoutin’ off and PEACE TO ALL…………………..crazyjoe

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