Lights Out at 8:30pm

1. Hot ‘Lanta
2. Done Somebody Wrong
3. End of the Line
4. Maydell ( no Marc Q.)
5. Every Hungry Woman
6. Don’t Think Twice ( w/Susan T)
7. Feels so Bad ( w/Susan T, Little Milton, No Derek)
8. Stormy Monday ( Susan T leaves, Little Milton stays, Derek back)
9. Blues is alright ( w/Little Milton)
10. No One left to Run With

Intermission – 9:48pm
Second set starts ~10:10pm

1. Please Call Home (Gregg on piano)
2. Oncoming Traffic (Gregg on piano)
3. These days ( Gregg and Warren)
4. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (w/Ron Holloway)=>Drums=>Bass=>Drums (w/Kofi Burbridge)=>Rest of band finishes – (~40 minutes!!!!)
5. Dream (w/Ron Holloway, Derek solo)
6. Rocking Horse (Yonrico sits in for Jai)
7. One Way Out (Yonrico sits in for Jai)

8. Whipping Post

Show ends ~12:00am.
Thanks again Cujo!

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