Just wanted to share a thought about last night and Egypt specifically. On monday night i experienced Egypt for the 1st time- I preface this statement with the adage that I love this band. right now right here- nobody comes close- well the Mule does but were talkin bout the Bros. here. When a long time fan is hit with a new instrumental for the 1st time- so many thoughts run through the gamet of the mind conscious and unconscious- exhiliration and pride- and the geat unknown- what is This- whats the theme how will the boys handle the improv- its spine tingling and brand-freakin new- you only get to hear it for the 1st time one time- I was thinking last night as I sat in the lower balcony when Egypt came on that like an emperor penguin newly born in Antartica he or she makes a singular sound that only its mother knows and recognizes- well last night I felt the recognition and sailed home to the bosom of musical love that signaled the song into my ABB subconscious- I was home and it was so bootiful and bountiful= warren sent me to the outerreaches of everythang good in this world and i thank him and the boys- Music like this is essential to my well being an I am so appreciative- Sal

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