Hello All,

Tomorrow, I am attending the Allman Brothers at Jones Beach Theater. I wisely decided to listen to the Brothers in the shower the night before. I put on Mountain Jam from the 3-11-2005 show and was transported back to the Beacon Theater. I attended this show back in march, and was blown away. In the shower however, I closed my eyes and returned to the theater. The band is marvelous. Derek first took me on a musical journey with playing without his slide. His playing simply attacks my soul, it’s wonderful. He then moves into a more sassy blues groove, and brings it to a boil when he adds his glass slide into the mix. I could swear I giggled out loud a few times at the truly magical moments.

If you want to listen to one song that expresses the very soul of musical creation, sit down, close your eyes and ride this fine Mountain Jam to the end.

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