But opening night was just superb. They came out of the blocks firing with Sailin ‘Cross The Devils Sea, and proceeded into a soulful Aint Wastin Time No More. The sound quality from the Beacon was sensational, last year i was quite disappointed at times, but this year sounded great. Gilded splinters was increbily funky. Worried Down With The Blues was fantastic (as always), but they then went into a new instrumental, titled Egypt. Apparently it was wriiten by Oteil. This sounded really good, spoilt slightly by the assholes who felt the need to talk all the way through it (why don’t these pricks stay in the nearby bars). The track really suited Derek’s playing, and with some chord and key changes sounded quite progressive. Hope this appears on a new album, should sound great.
Stand Back, Rockin Horse and YDLM, kept up the frenetic pace. Set 2 though just blew me away. Gregg came out to sing by himself accompanied by piano on Oncoming Traffic (a fave of mine) and a new song called Delta Blue. The latter had some beautiful lyrics, and sounds a cracking little tune. Gregg sounded great (which he hasn’t always done just recently). Then Warren came out and they both played acoustically on These Days. Sweeeet !! Derek and Warren then played Preachin’ Blues, which was just quality, Derek sounded like some old 30’s blues player. A sweet version of Melissa preceeded the best part of the night. Dreams (in which DT just went off into the stratosphere, this song was made for him, surely), and Liz Reed (which must have broken the 20 minute barrier, and without a drum solo). Warren and Derek, just playing the most incredible solo’s, before bringing it home. Ravi Coltrane, son of John, also came out for the two jams, and played some pretty cool Sax. Woman Across The River was frenetic, with both guitarists duelling until DT broke a string (or two), threw his hands up in the air, and changed his guitar, so Warren finished the tune alone. Black Hearted Woman, and the encore Southbound were great to finish the night off. I’d love to hear a copy of the show, even though i might be disappointed with what i hear, perhaps it was the occasion or the atmosphere or someting, but it was just a brilliant night for me, by the greatest band there’s ever been.

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