O.K. after 31 years and somewhere around 30 concerts, I have finally witnessed an ABB show that was dissapointing at best. Slow, unenthusiastic and for the most part a poor song selection, and poor sound quality, as they left most of their speakers on the bus, all added up to the worst concert I have ever seen them play. I think the band ” blew their wad” the night before in a great Concert just outside of Chicago, so they definatly took the night off in Rockford. They all looked and played tired, especially Warren, who I think is getting burned out with all the appearences with the ABB, greatfull dead, government mule, phil and friends, solo accoustic and his many other gigs during the last few years. Even superman needs a vacation every now and then. Too bad, the setting was great. Perfect wheather, oudoors, fireworks, a great crowd, all added up to the expectation of a great concert. Even when they opened up with one way out, the version was slow, and you could tell right away that there was no energy at all comming from the band. I never thought I would see an ABB concert where they just went through the motions, but thursday night in Rockford thats just what they did.

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