This shoW SUCKED !!!! The Oakdale SUCKS !!! The sound was incredibly POOR !!! I filed an official complaint and asked for a refund and was REFUSED !!!! You know the sound is bad when 90% of the audience is SITTING through most of the show. My seats were right next to the soundboard. I have been a fan for over 30 years. I know what I am talking about. The guy at the soundboard walked away from me when I attempted to talk to him about the poor sound. The complaint manager of the venue stood with me behind the soundboard and blamed the band for the poor sound. Jim Koplick should be ashamed !!!! Clear Channel sucks!!! As much as I hate the Meadows and their Corporate greed, at least the sound is good in the Front Orchestra. I will never go to another show at the Oakdale ( and I used to be one of thier “Insider Club” suscribers). Please guys, never play there again. I mean, 90% of the audience was SITTING and BORED out of their minds!!!! Peace .x

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