I can’t say the sound was terrible but I was in the 4th row in front of Oteil so my perspective may have been alot different than others. Despite the fact I was in front of him I think Oteil was louder than usual. Since they’ve turned his volume down in recent years and he was so smokin’ I didn’t mind one bit. Derek’s volume seemed down at times but that happens at alot of shows to be perfectly honest.Warren did make a couple of small mistakes but THIS WAS HIS 6th SHOW IN SIX NIGHTS!!!! All this negativity but not one word about all the mistakes Greg makes; how about coming in early and interupting the guitar solo in quite possibly the worst version of dreams this incarnation of the band has ever played (in stark contrast to the night before in Mansfield where Warrens slide solo was out of this world) AND the next time Greg gets The night they drove ole dixie down right will be the first!!! LOL, But seriously folks, are we not just Grateful that he still sounds so great and we still can hear him after 35 years !!?? It also wasn’t mentioned there was a half hour power failure right before the show which might have contributed to sound or lack thereof. Finally I was HAPPY to be able to sit the whole show, because at 41 I’m not getting any younger– yet I still drive from NJ to Mansfield the night before (where I stood the whole show) and after 4 hours sleep on to Oakdale the next night (and waiting after both shows for my instant live discs) then driving 3 hours back to Jersey. I was also glad to sit for two of the beacon shows this year because I stood for the other seven! If a particular show has its problems consider the fact that 3 of the guys are pushing 60 and derek and warren play more shows than anyone I know of.If nothing else I’m just always grateful to be there—none of us knows how long this will go on. I’d give my bottom dollar to see Albert King, Roy Buchanan or Stevie Ray just one more time….I’ll appreciate who’s here now while I can, Thank-you!!

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