Last week in Indianapolis was a dream week for me. On Saturday at White River State Park we were treated to Crosby, Stills and Nash; on Sunday John Hiatt played at a side room at the Murat; Tuesday was he ABB at WRSP and Thursday was Clapton at Conseco.

I was priveleged to attend each. Now for the “truth in advertising”…obviously the ABB has been, is and will be my favorite band, however, holding the band up to higher standards…the standards that they have set for themselves, at times, while entertaining, at times may not meet the performances of past shows. Or the bar that we have set for them.

Last Tuesday I was honored to attend the ABB show, probably my 20th or so over the last 30 years (I understand…a babe compared to some of my fellow peacheads..)

I will let fellow reviewers “dryley” and “tedray” do a much better detailed review and discussion, but from my ears and eyes, our band was “on” from the first note “don’t want you no more” to the encore of “one way out”…

The only word(s) that I could describe the show at the time with a buddy of mine and now…a few days past….is “professional”…what we witnessed was a professional show by professional musicians….I would guess the same feelings if I were of opera taste to see the “Three Tenors”……”this is what I do and tonight I will do it to the best of my ability….”

Did I enjoy the other shows from last week? Yes I did. Was a tremendous week for the music of my taste in Indianapolis.

But Tuesday evening re-enforced with me why I am an Allman Brothers fan, why I take time to write this on line and why I look forward to the next show….and why this is a special group…..

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