Awesome show and Red Rocks is one of the best venues you will find. The atmosphere, the scenery and the people were incredible. It was well worth the trip from Boston to see both shows. Typical ABB feel for the weekend, very communal. I hooked up with some very cool people who helped make the weekend rock. Friday’s show was amazing. Saturday was much more mellow but the band was on fire both nights. From the opening chords of Mountain Jam on Friday you could tell the night was gonna be special. You had 50,000 (give or take a few) fans singing along to Midnight Rider and Franklin’s Tower (one of the highlights of the show). Oteil can play the hell out of that bass and he has a very soulful voice. I’d love to hear him do some vocals on future ABB recordings. Warren sounded great on Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad, Rockin Horse, and Woman Across the River. Not to add that he is a damn freak with an axe in his hand. He and Derek traded off leads on Rockin Horse until you thought neither one had anything left. Derek is amazing! One of the best guitarists I have ever seen! His soloing on Dreams was incredible. Gregg’s voice is still solid and he is playing like never before. Butch, Jaimoe and Marc are tight as hell. Great job on the encore, Whippin Post!
One of the best ABB shows I have seen in 25 years! Great set, lot’s of old stuff. Melissa, Standback, You Don’t Love Me and, what a surprise to hear Southbound at the end. If you have a chance to see them at Red Rocks next year, start making plans to go now. You won’t be disappointed.

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