After waiting 4 years to see the band in Seattle (area) again, last time being a smokin show at the pier in 99,
I was looking forward to another great show, Like other postings, I too was a little disapointed in the length of the set, but after talking to some people I found out that the Puyallup Fair put a 6pm. music cerfew on the Band, They played right to the limit,
I thought the band was tight dispite some technical problems with sound system, It definantly would have been better at night with a light show, but hey this is the fair that is known for deep fried twinkies !! whadya expect ?

there was a low sorry turnout for this show, with The Dead playing same day? (who’s promoting these dates), I hope the band comes back here to a real theater, they sold out the pier, the winery, the paramount, the arena & filled the gorge,
the puyallup is a stinker of a venue,
that I’m sure contributed to the turnout or lack of,
All in all, it was great to see the boys again, & if I have to fly out to see a real Allman Brother show that’s what I’ll do,

& hey Puyallup fair did you really have to send 4 cops & 3 security guys to haul off that fifty something year old couple for sparking up a joint ?. I know with the terrorist alert & everything, but I don’t think they were threatening the safety of the homeland,

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