Beautiful sunny afternoon in the great Northwest. The boys all had to don sunglasses as the stage was flooded with sunlight early on. I was a bit dissappointed at the turnout for one of my alltime favorite bands. I was glad to hear the new songs, and they really cooked on all of them. Would have really liked to hear Desdemona, but hey…can’t have everything. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this band, and I must say that they don’t seem very crowd friendly. Gregg rarely even looked at the audience, much less conversed with them. Derek was unbelievable, but also seemed workmanlike going through the setlist. This could have almost been billed as the Warren and Derek show, as other than sing, you would not even have known Gregg was there. Don’t get me wrong, the setlist was good, and two better guitar players you could not ask for. But considering this was their last show, I was hoping for more than a 2 hour set. They One Way Out as the encore…adding Whippin’ Post would have sealed the deal. All in all…a good show…these guys have a great line up, and I think a little more interaction with their audience would go a long way towards enhancing the show. This is too good a band to play to 2000 people at a fair.

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