It’s official – summer 2003 rocks! On a gorgeous summer evening, the ABB rocked the Greek Theatre here in LA with all the ferocity of a band in it’s prime. Good sound quality, a fine intimate venue and an appreciative (if not a bit reserved) crowd made for an evening of musical magic as the boys put on a kick-ass show. They seemed to be making up for Monday night’s 4-minute performance on the Tonight Show. They were ready to stretch out and deliver the goods in a big way.

We knew we were in for a treat when they opened with Revival! It was all uphill from there. Highlights (for this guy, anyway) included Dreams, Come and Go Blues, Into the Mystic, Woman Across the River and a beautiful and tender Layla to close the show. Chris Robinson joined the band for “Rock Me Baby” with him and Gregg trading verses. As soon as the opening riffs from Statesboro Blues kicked in, we knew that Derek was on fire. The kid has got it! (whatever “it” may be).

Warren was the consummante showman, as always, stepping up at the most appropriate time with the tastiest licks and solos. He makes a great band leader, that’s for sure. He even stole Derek’s slide solo in Dreams – he played the straight solo then grabbed the slide and finished it off. Sorry Derek, maybe next time!

But besides that Derek was on display throughout the night, proving without a doubt that he is a full-fledged Allman Brother.

Everyone had a great time thanks to the boys who brought the summer to a close by doing what they do best – and please don’t stop!

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