Thanks to Chris Brown for a great review…..your comment about Berkeley tonight makes me look forward to it even more! Is it just me or has the band gotten even better since last year? I’m with you all the way, 44 Blues was just a mind blower, Warren and Derek showing that they are masters of traditional blues on top of all the other styles in their repertoire. Instrumental Illness just a mind blower, I grow tired of it on CD, really a live song, and improvised here way beyond the recorded version. Gregg took a long time to get his voice warmed up, but man, did he nail it in the second set on Not My Cross to Bear and then nearly brought tears to my eyes as the man’s bone-chilling pain wafted out from behind the organ during Desdemona, which after Warren and Derek’s solos was probably the highlight of the show. And yeah, Don’t Look Twice with Susan was just tremendous, her hubbie’s tasty, restrained slide really making the tune. The good vibes are just flowing off the stage now, everyone is on the same page, probably more so than at any time since Duane had an unfortunate incident on the road. Thanks for the setlist Chris, I didn’t jot it down and still too foggy to remember it! -Rob in San Jose

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