thank yoooooou Atlanta!!!
a long 4 hr drive from Gainesville, driving into a beautiful sunset. they say don’t stare into the sun, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of it for about twenty minutes. got to Hi Buy’s around 8:30 and as I’m walking into the venue then bam! Hot Lanta… and so it begins.
Last night was real special for me
the whole band was on fire with every member having their time to shine. Wasted Words was alot of fun. I think things really started cooking around the 4th tune which I thought was Every Hungry Woman (but I could be wrong), when the jamming started gettin’ that real heavy feel. Warren just absolutely dazzled on the Same Thing with the back up horns, man that song just did it for me. He took that old blues standard to places I think even Willie Dixon would a been dazed and confused. Last night Warren showed me where he truly belongs, not jamming with Phil, not even with the Mule but right there next to Greg, Butch, and Derek. and Derek what can I say, he was equally impressive with his slide work on Worried Down With the Blues and Desmedona, I love the jazzy feel. It reminds me of an old Dave Brubeck tune. Lizzy Reed was a suprise it seemed to come out of nowhere . A wave of beauty. Butch and the Boys were really energized in the drum section (like a pit bull on a piece of raw meat)… and major props out to Oteil who offered us a glipse of his genius layering in instrumentals of Georgia on My Mind and Little Martha (shweet). I’d have to say the true highlight for me was the Blue Sky instumental during the Mtn Jam. I really felt that they were making a statement, as if they’ve truly turned a corner with the whole Dickey thing and are at peace with making music they way the Allmans do whether it be a Greg tune or a Dickey tune makes no difference ’cause it’s all Brother’s music. What came after was all gravy, I thought the Boys were just coming out to take a bow and then boom the second shoe fell, LAYLA!!! Wow wasn’t expecting it , but a real treat. Duane woulda been proud of their rendition. I give this show an A++ ,as well as to all the kind folk of Atlanta, making it an extra special night.

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