I agree this wasn’t your typical Peach Head #1 crowd, however, that’s not to say the fans didn’t appreciate the great music being offered up by the Bro’s. I remember the first time I saw ABB and how I was just mesmerized about how great this band was playing considering I never got to see DA and BO back in the early days.

Considering the entrance door led right into the slots and tables, along with the comps, maybe the Bro’s should have opened with a “Gambler’s Roll!”

All kidding aside, the band was loose and were have fun on the stage and I thinik even cracking jokes with each other. Yes, there were a few slips, notably Jimmy Herring who was new and getting into a new groove along with Derrick, nevertheless, the show was very good and I think the band was enjoying themselves.

One song not on the list, I know they played was “Mountain Jam” which was a showcase for Derrick and my favorite song of the evening in this almost high school gym setting.

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