just want to echo the sentiment about a great venue wasted on a really lame crowd.98% sat down for the entire show including the encore!This was the most intimate setting I`ve ever seen the band,and by far the shortest show,barely 2 hrs.There may have been time restraints imposed by the Hilton,but I believe the crowd had a lot to do with the brevity of the concert.There was actually a heckler busting Gregg`s balls to play Blue Sky,who had to be shouted down by another fan.Another jerk was yelling to “Play some hits” during Otiells solo.The place was so small,the band had to hear all this loud and clear,and I really think it kept them from Hittin` the Note.Anyway,looking forward to Philly in Aug.which is billed as a dance concert.Again a disappointing night because of the crowd.not this great band.

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