The ABB just didn’t seem to be hittin’ the note at the beach. I give them the benefit of the doubt, of course, this being the first night of the tour and all. The crowd didn’t help matters. Very dead crowd, and surprisingly, a lot of empty seats. Perhaps because the ABB had played the area just a short time ago (3 months) Usually they play the Beach in mid August. The sound was pretty terrible. There was almost NO bass through the PA until the solo section of “Dreams”, Derek’s guitar was very low. But Gregg’s Hammond was nice & loud, as were his vocals, which have improved so much over the last few years. I’ll have to give a setlist from memory, so if I miss a tune or flub the order, my apologies in advance.
Done Somebody Wrong
Every Hungry Woman
Woman Across the River
Trouble No More
Midnight Rider
Rockin’ Horse
Good Morning Little School Girl (w/ Danny Lewis, piano)
High Cost of Low Living
Dreams (with I believe the sax player from Karl Denson)
Instrumental Illness (w/ drums)
E: One Way Out

Again, sorry if I missed anything.
Dreams, as always, was a highlight. Excellent sax solo. Gregg jumped the gun on the vocals, coming in too early, stepping a bit on Warren’s solo, but laughed it off.
A pretty standard show, nothing to write home about, but I’m sure they’ll be cruising in high gear as the summer progresses.
Interesting statement of the evening overheard by fellow concertgoer to his friend: (after the drum solo) “Ya know, that used to be better, ’cause they used to have 2 drummers & a percussionist” Uh, yeah guy, whatever.

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