I thought this was a great show, too. It was the only one on the Beacon run that I was able to attend (I did catch Oteil and the Peacemakers at B.B.’s). A couple of folks in the Hotel Beacon lobby said that this one was “dissapointing” compared to the others. Well the others must’ve just been incredible!

One of the things that I found so amazing about this show was that the audience sang along (beautifully!) on most every song. I go back to the very early 70’s with the ABB, and I don’t ever remember seeing/hearing anything like this. Maybe this is just a “Beacon thing”, but anybody who thinks the ABB is passe only needed to be at the Beacon for this show.

Covers of Otis Redding and Sam Cooke numbers just sent chills up my spine! I am looking forward to catching the band later on in Atlanta, Birmingham or any other city that I can make it to.

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