This band always puts on a great show night after night. Heard a lot of nice jams. Loved hearing Stormy Monday, Whipping Post, and MJ. Derek and Warren sounded amazing. Hearing Derek’s solo during Stormy Monday gave me goosebumps. Hearing the acoustic set was interesting since I didn’t hear it at the March 14th show. Heart of Stone was a kick a$$ song. Stand Back, Wasted Words, and Midnight Rider were nice to hear. Other songs also played were Good Clean Fun, Every Hungry Woman, Instrumental, Firing Line, Soulshine, Old Before My time, Woman Across the River, 44 blues (i think) and one other song Warren sang that I didn’t know the name of. After the show, met Jaimoe, Marc, and Butch. All were very friendly and was surprised to meet Butch. Looking forward to going some shows during their summer tour. Thanks for a great show brothers.

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