The Allman Brothers Band

As this was my second allman bros. show, it reconfirmed my love for the band and their sound. This band is rare amongst any rock band as it’s interplay and improvisation is reminsceint of jazz music. The song selection was appropiate and interesting, although I do consider myself a much bigger fan of anything before and including Eat a Peach. I think the sound the original band had is what the band should always strive for. This is not implying that it should be the same as the past, but it should definately imply improvising new ways of music that are reflective of classic jazz, blues, folk, country, and rock of the past. As a guitar player, I have always admired the contrast of styles found in Duane Allman versus Dickey Betts. I honestly feel that Derek Trucks is an excellent guitar player who will continue to develop his rock/blues skills simultaneiously while having an understanding and approaching mastery over jazz music. I feel that Derek is closer to the original sound and conception of the original ABB than Gov’t Mules guitarist Warren Haynes. Just listen to the tones…Derek has a warm, bluesy, and screaming tone than never sounds too overdistorted or lacks natural dynamics from his fingers. Not that Warren Haynes is bad, but I feel Haynes is a little too much rock with his high gain, heavily sustained sound. Irronically, I don’t feel that that his playing has as much sensitivity to the blues as the younger Derek’s. And I judging by other Gov’t Mule shows I feel he is less reactive and predictable than Derek. He is a good player, but definately a rocker. I definately miss Dickey Betts in Haynes role as he was still playing in the band the last time I saw them. Betts plays in a more roots based, but highly original style that shares its influence from rock as much as jazz, blues, or country. The contrast of his more simple, laid back sounds against Truck’s more complex and searching sound (more of a coltrane feel) is what the original Allman brothers are so famous for. However, I will always have love for this band…I just wish Betts would get his shit together, and maybe Haynes can change his tone. After all, I don’t think T-bone Walker would ever even consider playing on a Soldano amp.