Not sure where they got this setlist. I have submitted a review for this show 3 times without any luck. I guess I am just blocked from posting. Hopefully, this will go through. The real setlist from 9-17-02 is posted below my comments about the show.

The ABB sounded great even if the sound wasn’t that great in the Civic center. Warren remains “da man” and I really like their new tunes esp “Desdemona” (Warren took me places with that solo) Greg sounded great and everyone was “on” last night. Can’t say enough about the good folks at the Civic Center even if they took my camera (I took the last picture right before they took it) The beers were only $4 in a huge cup and everyone was really laid back and cool. Crowd was only 2/3 to 1/2 full, not bad for a Tuesday night in a small market.

Here’s the ABB set:
Don’t Want You No More>Not My Cross
Statesboro Blues (ripped)
Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More
Women Across the River
Desdemona (wow!, like this one a lot)
High Cost of Low Living
Hootchie Cootchie Man (with slide duel intro)
Done Somebody Wrong
Old Before My Time
Nobody Left To Run With (lots of Woody and Duane footage mixed with band, really cool) Instrumental Illness>Drums>Bass Solo (Doxology> America The Beautiful)>Intrumental Illness (diginoise at the end of the bass solo) Midnight Rider Rockin’ Horse (Yes Sir Warren!!!) You Don’t Love Me Southbound (wow!)
E: Whipping Post
(Little Martha on the PA per usual)

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