The show last night was amazing! It was littered with very new songs and very outstanding jams. The opening band Galactic came out on “Southbound” which was a treat, as well as Audley Freed (guitarist from the Balck Crows). They did a long instrumental, I’m guessing that was the song titled “Instrumental”. Occationally you would hear someone shout out a song request like “Play SoulShine”, or “No one left to run with”, but the Brothers seem to be trying all of their new songs out for us. I love the old classics, but sone of the new songs they played were very well preformed and I think in the future those will be “classics” as well. Great closing with “Whipping Post”. I think the highlight of the show was Oteil’s bass solo when he came out after the precussions sections awesome jam. Oteil did scat with his bass and preformed a slightly modified version of Little Martha on his bass. It was amazing. Other songs preformed were “Woman Across the River” which reminded me of an ex girl friend. “Black Hearted Woman”, “Good Clean Fun”, “Ain’t Wastin TIme no More” a personal favorite, “Desdemona”, “Gambler’s Roll” (I think), The others were all new songs I think and didn’t know the title of them. All around great show. Greg sounded like he was in his 20s again and everyone on stage looked to be having a great time.

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