The Allman Brothers Band

What a show. These guys gave me their moneys worth tonite. Played mostly classic songs in their setlist. The new song- Woman Across The River was amazing and the guitar solos by Warren and Derek blew my mind away. Opening the concert with Southbound was kinda unusual but it set the tone for the rest of the night. Other songs played were Rocking Horse, Black Hearted Woman, Soulshine, You Don’t Love Me, Desdemona, Just before the bullets fly, Statesboro Blues, Trouble No More, Come and Go Blues, Gambler’s Roll, Whipping Post and Mountain Jam. I might be missing a song but that is what i can remember them playing tonight. Can’t wait til they come around again for next year’s tour. Would love to have a cdr of this show, anyone who has one, please e-mail me and we can trade or B&P. THanks.