There is always a moment during an ABB concert that seems to transend all awareness of space and time, and sends fans to a higher level, where endorphins and adrelinine kick in and the “high” during this moment is better than any high gained by other means. This moment occured during last nights concert with the best version of southbound I have ever heard. With the introduction of Larry Mcray as a walk on guest guitarist, the brothers launched into one of their signiture tunes with recklas abanden. Each of the three talented guitarists took turns with a round of 8’s, in a clockwise mannor with Warren, then Derrick, then Larry each soloing and pushing each other to frenetic hights. This round robin of guitar virtuosity went on for a good while, building to a crescendo where all three were jamming out together at the end. You had to be there, you had to be there.Long live The Allman Brothers Band

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