The Allman Brothers Band

I was at all 3 Warfield shows but am writing about this one because it was my favorite of the 3. How can you lose with a setlist that included Hot ‘Lanta, Stormy Monday, Black Hearted Woman and Good Clean Fun? All 3 shows were tremendous, the setlist was very different every night, but tonight there was just that special magic in the air. It really gets me off watching beautiful ladies in their twenties walk out with a stunned, unbelieving look on their face, knowing they have just witnessed greatness. That is how everyone at this show felt I believe, the band just ripped their set. I am a Dickey fan but I am sorry, these guys are just not missing him right now; the long instrumental segments were nothing but astonishing. Gregg sounding better than ever; how can his voice continue to get better from year to year? Stormy Monday as usual just gave the crowd chills down their collective spine. The band is just tighter and FUNKIER than ever; Oteil has very, very much to do with the added funk, but he never gets the headlines. Keep this bass monster around forever!!! Met some very cool people tonight as well. Peace and love to all Peachheads, Rob