The Allman Brothers Band

This was one of the most Awesome ABB shows we’ve seen on the west coast since I moved here in 86. Gregg was awesome. Derek proved he was one of the greaest iving guitarists that night. He played Duane’s old licks to perfection, and he brought a side of him I had never heard before, he took the slides which are fundanental ABB licks, and he took off on that, and went off to new frontier. He just laid out some of the sweetest licks I ever heard come out of a slide guitar. It was like he poured out the licks like heavy sweet cream, and it went on and on. Warren also played the best show I have ever seen him play. Butch is an amazing drummer. He plays like an athlete. watchng him is like watchng an athlete, a well trained powerful athlete in the flow of his routine; oh but the power and fluidity!!! Otiel, well, my respect for him moved him into the class of Jack Cassady and Phil Lesh, sorry Mr. Entwhistle, I never listened to The Who much. Otiel demonstrated presision, and a powerful addition to the rhythm section of the band, beyond what is the basics and competentcy. Marc’s work on percussion certainly added hugely to the best drumming in R+R, or Blues, even Jaimoe was allowed to shine on an old Otis Redding standard.