I guess I’ll be the first to say anything about this show. First of all, Warren and Derek were real tight. I couldn’t believe how good they sounded together. Not saying they didn’t before, but in the past year they have gotten a lot closer. After this show, I am really looking forward to the new album, the bluesy songs were great, and I like the way they sound. And that new instumental, I was impressed, that was such an upbeat song, I loved it, when Warren and Chris Karlic (Baritone Sax) were going back and forth, I was flipping out. But my favorite had to be Mountain Jam, I’ve been waiting seven years for that, and it finally happened, and I wasn’t disappointed. This was my first Beacon show and I sat in the top row center stage of the Upper Balcony, the view was incredible. Truely one of the best shows I’ve ever been too.

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